Toulouse Latrec




Bohemian Revolution


Painter, Wing Man To Christian

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Nature Boy,Lady Marmalade/Zidler's Rap (Can Can)/Smells Like Teen Spirit,Sparkling Diamonds, The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular),El Tango de Roxanne,Hindi Sad Diamonds,Come What May (Reprise),Nature Boy (Reprise)

Played by

John Leguizamo

Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa or Toulose-Latrec is the leader of a small group of bohemians. He has his heart set on producing a truly revolutionary play. He eventually manages to do this with some help from Christian.

Toulouse seems to make up for his very short stature by using long and educational words as well as having a long name. After The Unconcious Argentinian crashes through Christians roof the young writer is quickly given a role, but after hearing Christian sing Toulouse decides he wants the man to co-write with the current writer Audrey. Audrey quickly dismisses this idea and leaves.

Knowing that they have no chance at selling the play to Harold Zidler he comes up with the idea of dressing Christian up and telling Satine he is a famous writer hoping that once Satine hears her Poetry she will want to put on the play.

Toulouse tries to arrange for Christian to see Satine in her private quarters to present the work and tells Christian he has managed it. At the same time Zidler is telling Satine about the Duke she will be meeting that night. Tolouse ends up spilling his drink on the Duke and due to some miscommunication Satine beleives Christinan is the Duke. Toulouse later spies on the two with the rest of the bohemians before coming into the open whenthe Duke walks in leading to Toulouse and the rest of the troupe having to pitch a show to the Duke with an improvised plot about an evil maharajah attempting to woo an Indian courtesan who loves a poor sitar player. Toulouse is the sitar.

Toulouse spends many days with the pair and constantly gets his main line in the play wrong:

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."

He finally remebers his line after getting stuck in the rafters of the theatre, after hearing him shouting it Christian and Satine sing to each other to show they are still in love. In both the beginning and the End Toulouse is seen in his sitar costume with tears on his face.

Fun Fact: Toulouse is actually based on real life painter, Henri de Toulouse Latrec. He painted the promotional posters for the Moulin Rouge cabaret when it first opened.