Moulin Rouge



Marital Status

Never married


Satine (deceased)


unnamed Father




Nature Boy, Your Song, Children of the Revolution, Spectacular Spectacular, Elephant Love Medley, Come What May, El Tango de Roxanne, Come What May (reprise)

Played By

Ewan McGregor

Christian is the lover of Satine, and the writer of the play Spectacular, Spectacular.

Early LifeEdit

Christian was born in the late 1800's in England, and much of his early life is unknown. Against his father's wishes, he left home for Paris to become a writer between the age of 18-35, it's never said, but Ewan McGregor was 30 years old at the time of filming.

Main Movie Timeline Edit

Before he could even begin to write, Christian met Toulouse-Lautrec and his gang of bohemians. He helped them write a song that was so good the original leader of the troupe quit out of jealousy.

Tolouse convinced Christian to accompany him to the Moulin Rouge to convince Harold Ziegler to fund their show. While there, he met Satine, a sex worker and performer at the Moulin Rouge.

Christian and Satine unintentionally ended up alone in a room together, with Satine thinking he was the Duke and she had been hired by him for the night, and Christian thinking he was there to convince her to fund his show. Christian awkwardly avoided Satine's attempts to seduce him, and finally began to sing to her. The two shared a romantic moment (Your Song), and began to fall in love.

The Duke entered the room, and Christian had to hide, but he was soon given away by Satine fainting, which put them in an awkward sexual-appearing position. The bohemian troupe who had been spying on them then entered the room, loudly. Christian then proceeded, with their, Satine's, and Harold Ziegler's help, to try to convince the Duke that he and Satine had been rehearsing for a play called Spectacular, Spectacular.

Months went by with Christian and Satine avoiding being caught and Christian continuing to write the play. But eventually, Christian became Jealous of Satine and the Duke. The two came up with a song to try to combat the jealousy (Come What May), but eventually it became too much for Christian to bear (El Tango de Roxanne). At the same time, unbenownst to him, Satine had been told that she had to lie to Christian and say she didn't love him to save his life.

On opening night, stricken with grief, he stole the costume of the Narcoleptic Argentinean, who was playing the main character, and stormed onto the stage to confront Satine. He threw money at her feet and spat that he'd paid his whore.

He began to leave the theater, but Satine stopped him with their song, and the two had a heartfelt moment (Come What May reprise). The Duke tried to shoot Christian, as his henchman had been trying to do the entire night, but was thwarted by Harold Ziegler. The curtains fell, and all seemed to be well... but then, Satine fell to the ground. Christian scooped her up into his arms and, in wheezing breaths, she told him that she's dying. She then told him to write their story. He cried, and said he couldn't, but she said please.

Final Scene/First Scene Edit

According to Satine's wishes, Christian began to write their story. A story about love.